MCQ TEST | Chapter 3: Electrical Transients (PQM) | Electrical Engineering Quiz | Important For Final year GTU Exam 2020


Hello Dear GTU Students, Here we provide MCQ test For your upcoming Final Year Exam 2020. Today we provide test for Power Quality and Management Subject of Electrical Engineering Department. Today we cover MCQ for Chapter 3: Electrical Transients. This MCQ test is very useful for your upcoming final year exam.

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Chapter 3: Electrical Transients (PQM) (Electrical Engineering)

Transients cause which of the following:

A. Lightning
B. Capacitor Banking Switch
C. Switching of Loads
D. All of above

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Answer:All of above

Capacitor Banks are installed in power lines basically for the following reasons:

A. Power Factor Correction
B. Harmonic Filtering
C. Inrush Current
D. All of above

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Answer:All of above

The lighting arrester is conducted ________.

A. in series with the line
B. between line and earth
C. to a pole near the line
C. to circuit breaker

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Answer:between line and earth

Transients are classified in _____ groups.

A. 3
B. 2
C. 4
D. 5

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Explanation: There are 2 types of Transients: Oscillatory Transients and Impulsive Transients.